Monday, March 26, 2012

XBMC 11.0

More than a year of development it took and now XBMC was released in version 11.0. The milestones in the development were the improvement of the addons, improvements in the standard skin "Confluence", speed improvements, and the scraping of movie information.
As a professed XBMC fan do I use for some time the release candidate versions of XBMC and can have a significant recommendation for a change pronounce. Gives a better surface for a media player in my opinion it is not.
 In version 11.0, the rate of XBMC partially increased significantly. The network support has been improved significantly and dealing with the unencrypted HDTV content. With trick can be encrypted also play Bluray content, but it should be mentioned only in passing. In Eden also AirPlay support has been finalized, allowing content from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch wirelessly transfer them to XBMC and then there display. Interestingly, apparently was also the "weather service" improves the lot of the first show in video reviews. I even use it properly before, but who needs it, now is an improved version. The list of improvements is long and the team XBMC released a summary of the changes . In addition to the pure software improvements XBMC has been optimized for new devices and new hardware. Eden marks the first stable version for Apple TV 2 and iPad, but also for other IOS devices. Also handling on Mac and Windows - level has been improved and graphics AMD is now much better supported than in previous versions. In addition to the released versions for Windows, Linux, OSX and iOS are also a XBMCbuntu Final, which essentially replaces XBMC Live and interested users can XBMC is on a CD or USB boot, so try before installation. In XBMCbuntu it is, therefore, an Ubuntu-based operating system which boots directly into XBMC and therefore is able to operate without a desktop.

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