Monday, February 28, 2011

The winners of the Oscars in pictures - Individuals

Tom Hooper won the Oscar Best Director for The king's speech. He was in competition against David Fincher The Social Network.

 British actor Colin Firth accepts hands of Sandra Bullock's Oscar Best Actor.

The king's speech is rewarded with an Oscar Best Screenplay. Screenwriter David Seidler came to pick her statuette.


Natalie Portman receives hands of Jeff Bridges an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Black Swan.

Christian Bale Wins Oscar Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Fighter.

The winners of the Oscars in pictures

The king's speech, A great favorite with 12 nominations, won four statuettes of the most prestigious, including best film at the 83rd Academy Awards. Natalie Port man The Social Network, The Fighter, Inception... were also rewarded. Overview of the winners of the Oscars 2011.
The team of producers The king's speech in full force came to get the Oscar Best Film The most prestigious event. The The king's speech won four Oscars during this 83rd ceremony. 

                                                     More Picture of  83rd ceremony

Home decor trends

New Homes furnishings in 2011, has bright colors and hepatica 80-century pastel colors. Ecological thinking has become a decoration to stay.
Bright, well-known children clothing "romper colors" is now decorated fashion: bright blue, red or green grass appears especially retro decor.
By contrast, in fashion are also pastel list pale shades: a light mint green, pink and aqua blue.
These worlds in favor of color to choose either, both are not recommended to combine the same space.
Furniture made of recycled material and products are very fashionable - and an old rag rug or eripariset cutlery.

These are in vogue now:

  • old, already once used lankest dining table is made of top-class design
  • inherited from, eripariset dishes are just as trendy as a single design astiasto
  • old granny rag rug and rocking chair are cozy and trendy at the same time
  • plaid quilted fabric is no longer an old-fashioned, but the fashion thing

Nature and Ecology home

Vallila Interior's spring collection is the theme of the Finnish nature and the sea.
The same themes can also be seen in other collections.
Curtain can be fashionable birch forest or flock of swans, summer flowers or lip lattavia waves.
According to the current fashion is also wallpaper, which is printed in small birds. These wallpapers can be found in several selections by the manufacturer.
Secondly, the environment and ecology are shown in a concrete interior design: furniture recycling containers and inheritance are now very fashionable.

 Pastel interiors

Mellow puuteripastellit fit your home decor spring comes, and well into the summer. With crisp white suits.
Pastels can add home curtains, sofa pillows and bed clothes. Coffee Table receives pastels; say the new napkins and coffee mugs.

Courageous adds a touch of black effects, and the contrast to bring.

Fashionable pastel colors in 2011:

  • petticoat white
  • cotton candy pink
  • green mint candy
  • Light aqua blue

Bright colors at home

Summers are always happy, bright colors. A cheerful red and Finlayson said, "Haalarinsininen" bring energy to the summer home.
Graphic patterns agree with them and match. Various combination of textiles are offered a special deal.
If retrokuosit big and bright colors seem too strong, together, can add color to your home a bit smaller scale: a cheerful red flowers in a vase, red decorative pillow on the couch and out of the same color slippers.
Red is not just the color of Christmas, and it joined in the summer for example, fits nicely into a fresh white.

Bright blue and red interior:

  • retro fit home
  • is often seen in the graphic, patterns of large company
  • get the freshness of pure white
  • blue or red and white stripes are a classic maritime style theme
There are new homes for sale with awesome interior designs, for example now days apartments are build with these interior design.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Knights Contract The new XBox 360 release

The plot of Knights Contract is at the time when witches were hunted down by good company. The action proposes to follow the adventures of Heinrich, a killer witch cursed, and the young Gretchen, the reincarnation of a witch beheaded Heinrich once and took revenge by damning him for eternity.
When an unspeakable evil and a mortal threat descend on earth, Gretchen refuses to die a second time prematurely. She decides to confront the danger in using the damned Heinrich wisely. With the tremendous talent executor of the latter, it hopes to contain the bloody madness of the enemies they have in common now.
Obviously, the task will not be easy and the blood should be shed for that order reigns again. Armed with a sharp sickle and exceptional talent of witchcraft, you will struggle to survive in a twilight world, and every foe, human or supernatural, that is too close to you will learn that his true place is six feet underground.


Games Entertainment Online money

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Android 3.0 The next level of mobile technolegy

In the world of high tech innovations are endless and never cease to amaze consumers.
Regularly, we got acquainted with new developments, new concepts and new tools. Today we learn that the new version of Android 3.0, also known as Android Honeycomb, will soon be unveiled to the public. Developer specializing in online game sites are actively preparing for this much anticipated event. 

Today, the "mobile" is an industry that is constantly evolving and is keenly interested developers worldwide. Google is fully aware of the opportunities in this sector. In this context, the Internet giant has implemented a unique mobile technology dubbed "Android 3.0," but also known under the name "Android Honeycomb." After you create applications for Android V2.2, developers say they are ready for the imminent arrival of this new feature. This event is far from discouraged. Quite the contrary. In this world, the innovations are in fact always welcome.

Demonstration of Android 3.0  or Honeycomb
Mid-February 2011, Android Honeycomb been a public demonstration in the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, a key event in the field of high technology. With this demonstration, the audience has seen the incredible innovations offered by version 3.0 of Android. Specifically, the device uses technology to generate 3D effects exceptional posing as a hologram. It is useful to emphasize the fact that the Android Honeycomb is compatible with the Google Maps powered by 5 but also with all the software offered by the Internet giant, even the most sophisticated of them.

Simply amazing
Honeycomb with Android, it is possible to connect to Google Talk. Players may consider in the near future, interact with a provider of online maps! This new technology will also allow players to move between two rooms of online games.

Technology  Robotics Computer Humanoids  how to prevent

Monday, February 21, 2011

Asimo : The robot from Honda

The name actually ASIMO resembles closely that of the author of science fiction, the father of robotics. A tribute? ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Stoe in Innovative MObility (or something like Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is actually a contraction of the Japanese word "ashi" (foot) and English "move".

It is also equipped with a wireless connection that allows it to connect to the Internet or communicate with his counterparts to coordinate example. As for his hand (4 fingers and a thumb), they allow him a great ability to manipulate objects of everyday life.
According to manufacturers, ASIMO would have the intelligence of a child aged 3 and motor skills of a child less than 10 years. Except that 3 years, children begin to speak, this is not the case. The robot has in fact no possibility of vocalization  , which is obviously a serious handicap to communicate.
Besides having the language in the pocket, he has the brain ... in the back: the computer to manage its capacity is present in the form of a backpack, more and more discreet with every version.
The energy supplied to it by a lithium battery. Unfortunately, it requires 3 hours of charging for one hour of effectiveness: a performance rather low that Honda will improve in the future to market ASIMO has a large scale.
For now, it is essentially a search robot, although it is available to rent for special events. Eventually, Honda plans to sell ASIMO as an aid to the person or perform dangerous tasks for humans.
The name actually ASIMO resembles closely that of the author of science fiction, the father of robotics. A tribute? ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Stoe in Innovative MObility (or something like Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is actually a contraction of the Japanese word "ashi" (foot) and English "move".


    * Impressive motor skills, which allow a wide degree of displacement.
    * his skillful hands, enabling him to effectively interact with the objects of everyday life


    * very limited interaction with humans, particularly because of its lack of vocalization
    * very limited energy autonomy, which prohibits any prolonged use

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Head Baby robot : Affetto

Three researchers at the University of Osaka, Japan (Hisashi Ishihara, Yuichiro Yoshikawa and Minoru Asada) created affetto , head of a baby robot capable of making facial expressions almost identical to those of a real baby.
The purpose of this proposed cognitive robotics is to study the behavior and human intelligence by building robots similar to humans (humanoids). This allows to observe social interactions man-machine (in this case adult human baby robot).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New homes of tomorrow

The Green home, new homes of tomorrow will be different from those that were built so far: soaring energy costs, the fight against global warming and ecology are driving this change.

The changes will be barely visible on the outside because it is above the insulation, heating and ventilation that are about to change.

Using new techniques, new innovative materials used to make new buildings that meet the requirements of the Grenelle environment regarding energy conservation.

Developers and builders working on new generations of houses. Many calculations and studies are needed to determine whether the optimal orientation of a house on land, the mode of heating, cooling or ventilation the most suitable.

Heat pumps, radiant panels, or photovoltaic, solar heating ... replace traditional fossil fuels.

The emission of CO ² must be divided by four by 2050 and the construction industry remains one of the largest consumers of energy. It represents 43% of national energy consumption and 23% of CO ².

The requirements of the legislation have been restated to reduce energy consumption and in 2012, Habitat will be 20% more efficient than today.

In 2020, the houses will produce more positive energy than they consume. But do not forget that today; the bill for a building energy efficient is 10 to 20% higher than for building a home traditional and those green homes for sale in cheaper price than now day’s prices.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Romeo is a project endorsed by the cluster Cap Digital and financed by the Ile-de-France, the Directorate General of Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS) and the City of Paris. With a budget of € 10m, it is subsidized to the tune of € 4.9 million.
It aims to develop a humanoid robot designed to become a true wizard of persons with diminished autonomy.
For this he must be able to speak to everyday objects (open and close a door ,handle a glass bottle).

But it will also help a person to move home and help him even if dropped.
Beyond their physical capabilities, Romeo must provide human-machine interface accessible to the greatest number: the voice and gestures must be the primary means of communication with the robot will be able to understand what he said, maintain a short dialogue and even perceive the intentions and emotions of its interlocutor to infer the actions that must be implemented.
A first prototype humanoid robot whose size should be between 1.20 m and 1.50 m will be developed before the end of 2010 and a second will be delivered a few months before the end of the project in fall 2011, evaluation with users experiencing loss of autonomy among selected patients at the Institute of Vision. Based on the findings of this evaluation, Aldebaran plans to develop a product that could be available in 2015.

Monday, February 14, 2011

English spellings

Difficult to spell English. Try this simple  steps.

1. Copy paste following codes into note pad

 Dim Talk

set Talk = createobject("")
strInput = InputBox("Type anything below! To Hear It Spoken!", "Infinite posts")

If strInput = False Then


                If Len(StrInput) = 0 Then

                MsgBox"You did not enter anything. Try again",48,"Warning"


                Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")

                Sapi.speak strInput

                End If

End If

2. Now save it as a .VBS format, Like this

3. Thats all

Try this..!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine : Story of True Love

The February 14 is the Valentine. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers.
There are several versions regarding the history of St. Valentine. The one that comes up most often is: Valentine's Day is a priest who was imprisoned and beheaded some 14 February. The story goes that the children were very fond of Valentine. He was their friend. To comfort him, his children were spending messages of affection through the bars of his cell. That may be the explanation kind words are exchanged, with flowers and gifts, Feb. 14?

Greek god of love is called Eros, and Romans, the name of the god of love is Cupid. This is often represented as an angel armed with a bow and arrows.

Stories of Love ...

In stories or movies, we often speak of love. Sometimes they are very beautiful and end up "They married and had many children". At other times, they are much sadder. Among the famous love stories include: Paul and Virginia, Pierrot and Columbine, Lady and the Tramp or Romeo and Juliet, a play by William Shakespeare .

What good is love?

To answer this, here is a song

Infinite Posts

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Future robotic and live

Robots are now androids; they replace us in particular activities. Androids are programmed with neural networks. AI now develops androids; they can talk, walk and react. Now humanoids are closer to us.

Repliee Q1

It is a humanoid created specifically to replicate realistic human expression. It reacts to the environment. It can act independently or reproduce the movements of a remote person. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Exploring data types in PHP: Strings

in my early post we looked about variables in PHP. Now we know what variables are and how to assign variables in PHP. Now let we talk about strings.
String is a data type in PHP. Normally string holds name and other Alfa numeric values.
In PHP string can be define in “ “ (Double quotes) or ‘  ‘ (Single quotes). But double quotes are a good practice.
Lets see this simple example for strings:

In browser, its Looks like this :

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Variables in PHP

In my early post I said PHP is the most popular open source web development technology. So I hope to write more posts about PHP. So let’s start with Variables.
If you want to be a good programmer, you should have a good understand about Variables. So let’s see what is this variable?
                     Variable is a symbolic representation of a value.

In PHP, Variable names:
  •      Should start with $ (Dollar) sign 
  •      Followed by names or underscore
  •    Can contain numbers or names or dashes
  •     No space between $ sign and name 
  •     Case sensitive
So let’s make more sense in this example:

In web browser :

Pussy Cats

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PHP: most popular open source web development technology

In present almost every web developers should know sound of PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. PHP is a general purpose scripting language which that was originally designed for web development. PHP is used for develop dynamic web applications, pages. PHP is embedded in HTML and it was interpreted by a web server with PHP preprocessor. PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and now PHP is produced by PHP group. PHP is an open source free web development technology release under PHP license.
 PHP is an object oriented languages which that supports object oriented features. PHP has five major releases and latest version is 5.3.5.

Sample PHP code: