Monday, July 16, 2012

iTunesControl: helper for better handling of iTunes

You are annoyed that their stopping or changing songs always have to open iTunes? You want information directly on the screen to get what song is going on and not constantly interrupt your actual intentions on the PC? Then the little and brings free program iTunesControl just right for you with! easily assign keyboard shortcuts with iTuneControl it is very slightly different (function) buttons to assign various functions. Sure you click once the program is started, the bottom of the tray-menu by right-clicking on the little blue icon and then select " Settings ". Once in the Settings, you k├Ânnnt under the tab " hotkey to make "different settings.

 This includes, among other things, a song search, a link to Twitter, or small adjustments to the volume change. In my multimedia keyboard from Logitech, the program automatically assigned to all the important function keys, so I am with this part deal almost hardly needed. actual song with cover on the Desktop To view information about the current song, for example, when changing a track directly on the desktop display, it opens the settings again and goes on the tab " display ". Here you can then determine the transparency, the duration or fade. With the other sub-items "album art", "Colors and Fonts", "Formatting", "Position and Size" and "rating" you can adjust the displayed Infromation very easily and arbitrarily. There is this really a lot of opportunities for the presentation of the song to change on the screen. own assessment I personally find this program very successful . It convinced me that a lot of configuration options, which are a little English knowledge, almost all self-explanatory. The whole can be adapted to their own ideas very well and looks really chic from. . Also saves you the owner of a multimedia keyboard significant time when switching between songs looks like this all to me at: Download you can iTunesControl to the manufacturer's website: