Monday, March 26, 2012

XBMC 11.0

More than a year of development it took and now XBMC was released in version 11.0. The milestones in the development were the improvement of the addons, improvements in the standard skin "Confluence", speed improvements, and the scraping of movie information.
As a professed XBMC fan do I use for some time the release candidate versions of XBMC and can have a significant recommendation for a change pronounce. Gives a better surface for a media player in my opinion it is not.
 In version 11.0, the rate of XBMC partially increased significantly. The network support has been improved significantly and dealing with the unencrypted HDTV content. With trick can be encrypted also play Bluray content, but it should be mentioned only in passing. In Eden also AirPlay support has been finalized, allowing content from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch wirelessly transfer them to XBMC and then there display. Interestingly, apparently was also the "weather service" improves the lot of the first show in video reviews. I even use it properly before, but who needs it, now is an improved version. The list of improvements is long and the team XBMC released a summary of the changes . In addition to the pure software improvements XBMC has been optimized for new devices and new hardware. Eden marks the first stable version for Apple TV 2 and iPad, but also for other IOS devices. Also handling on Mac and Windows - level has been improved and graphics AMD is now much better supported than in previous versions. In addition to the released versions for Windows, Linux, OSX and iOS are also a XBMCbuntu Final, which essentially replaces XBMC Live and interested users can XBMC is on a CD or USB boot, so try before installation. In XBMCbuntu it is, therefore, an Ubuntu-based operating system which boots directly into XBMC and therefore is able to operate without a desktop.

Friday, March 23, 2012

iPhoto iOS (iPhone, iPad)

On the Apple presentation on 7 March, in addition to the new iPad and the Apple TV 3 and the photo editing program, iPhoto iOS presented. The app went in the days following the news on TV and Apple iPad but rather under. Wrongly, because iPhoto makes on iPhone and i pad a very good figure of 3.99 € and is cheaper than its rival Photoshop touch , which is also only available for iPad. Now, Apple announced that only ten days after the publication iPhoto iOS the app already has more than one million users. This is of course a fantastic figure and shows once again that Apple still makes many correct decisions. After all was a truly functional and affordable app for photo editing it before iPad neither iPhone nor for that. Even the Adobe recently released Photoshop touch shows that other companies have recognized that imaging could have on IOS devices have a future. image Apple

Monday, March 19, 2012

iPhone 4S Siri - User Reviews

Siri is on the iPhone 4S somehow funny, but the errors in recognition can be a user to quickly realize that it just is not quite as great works, suggests how the million dollar ad campaign from Apple.
This is Frank M. Fazio noticed the by New York Attorney Robbins Geller is represented. He speaks of what many others have realized by now, too. The iPhone 4S is without Siri basically just an expensive iPhone 4 and that is why he is now suing Apple for damages in an unspecified amount. He refers to his action for unlawful advertising, because Apple would respect within the advertisement of the quality of Siri over exaggerate. Frank M. Fazio had bought the iPhone 4S in November in Brooklyn and felt by the advertisement of Apple misled . "In many of Apple's TV commercials were different people, like you with the help of Siri appointments met, found places to eat and even guitar chords learn to classic rock songs replay, or they were just a guide on how to tie a tie. All these tasks were completed within the advertising problem of Siri, but in reality works such tasks if at all, then only rarely from the start. would sound Fazio name Siri must therefore not even be able direction to a known place, or certain commercial . Siri could locate him too often either do not understand, or after a long time was simply the wrong answer. In the application of the current state of Siri as "a work-in-progress" is described. Until now, Apple is not a comment regarding the complaint ready. The application was published. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Google launches Google Play

Google has a few days ago the new platform gives Google Play. This is a platform on which users of Android systems conveniently movies, apps can purchase and download music and eBooks. Previously, it was Android users in the Android Market only possible apps, games and buy eBooks. With the new backing store Google Google now combines all previous individual offerings (Google Music, Google eBook Store) on a single platform. In the store bought products can now be directly synchronized on all Android devices. The model was, of course, Apple's iTunes , which generates, in contrast to previous Android Market about four times more revenue. However, one visit is an Android user for a very long way from just a single point of contact with all other programs and divisions have to offer. Samsung and HTC have recently invested heavily in their own Android stores and Amazon tried with attractive remuneration for Android software developers new recruit. One may be curious as to develop the individual stores in the next few years and have not finished yet of many smaller stores a very large forms, the only one could be correct, and Apple iTunes competitor. idea of Google Video Play By Play Google launches in Germany, you have to wait a bit though. So far, the store only to customers in the U.S.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Android 4 on normal x86 computers use

Android-x86 is an open-source project has found that the first Ice Cream Sandwich -. Port for x86-based computers has spawned The code has been extended to that of the current release candidate on netbooks and tablet PCs with x86 CPUs. As up to date images for different systems are downloadable. Eee PCs and supports some other laptops and netbooks, but also tablets from Asus or Viewsonic ViewPad 10, the Lenovo S10 or MSI 110W and another tablet with AMD CPU will be offered images. If you only want to try out how the whole can then use that can do this in a virtual machine. The image of Eee PC will boot under VirtualBox, and KVM. The Release Candidate 4.0 RC1, depending on configuration supports multi-touch, wireless, hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics, cameras and accelerometers. The accelerated graphics works with both Intel and AMD GPUs, Ethernet support is missing here, however. So if you want to test , VirtualBox and under free

Monday, March 12, 2012

3 presents Apple TV, Apple TV 2 update

In yesterday's event from Apple was next to the new iPad , the latest generation of Apple vogrstellt TV. The Apple TV 3 can play videos now in 1080p HD quality output (1920 x 1080 pixels), something that many had already requested for the previous version. Otherwise There are no great differences from the Apple TV 2, and the external design remains the same. The only other new feature is in all likelihood the menuto be what has been optimized for better Aufösung and now mainly of icons instead of text there. Guests can also Apple TV 2 owners: There is already a software update to version 5.0. This update also donated them to the new menu - even if it does not look as nice as the Apple TV 3.A video output at 1080p but even with this update to the Apple TV 2 is still not possible. In the U.S., Apple will be starting next week, TV 3 for the price of 99 U.S. dollars in trade.