Friday, March 16, 2012

Android 4 on normal x86 computers use

Android-x86 is an open-source project has found that the first Ice Cream Sandwich -. Port for x86-based computers has spawned The code has been extended to that of the current release candidate on netbooks and tablet PCs with x86 CPUs. As up to date images for different systems are downloadable. Eee PCs and supports some other laptops and netbooks, but also tablets from Asus or Viewsonic ViewPad 10, the Lenovo S10 or MSI 110W and another tablet with AMD CPU will be offered images. If you only want to try out how the whole can then use that can do this in a virtual machine. The image of Eee PC will boot under VirtualBox, and KVM. The Release Candidate 4.0 RC1, depending on configuration supports multi-touch, wireless, hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics, cameras and accelerometers. The accelerated graphics works with both Intel and AMD GPUs, Ethernet support is missing here, however. So if you want to test , VirtualBox and under free

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