Monday, March 19, 2012

iPhone 4S Siri - User Reviews

Siri is on the iPhone 4S somehow funny, but the errors in recognition can be a user to quickly realize that it just is not quite as great works, suggests how the million dollar ad campaign from Apple.
This is Frank M. Fazio noticed the by New York Attorney Robbins Geller is represented. He speaks of what many others have realized by now, too. The iPhone 4S is without Siri basically just an expensive iPhone 4 and that is why he is now suing Apple for damages in an unspecified amount. He refers to his action for unlawful advertising, because Apple would respect within the advertisement of the quality of Siri over exaggerate. Frank M. Fazio had bought the iPhone 4S in November in Brooklyn and felt by the advertisement of Apple misled . "In many of Apple's TV commercials were different people, like you with the help of Siri appointments met, found places to eat and even guitar chords learn to classic rock songs replay, or they were just a guide on how to tie a tie. All these tasks were completed within the advertising problem of Siri, but in reality works such tasks if at all, then only rarely from the start. would sound Fazio name Siri must therefore not even be able direction to a known place, or certain commercial . Siri could locate him too often either do not understand, or after a long time was simply the wrong answer. In the application of the current state of Siri as "a work-in-progress" is described. Until now, Apple is not a comment regarding the complaint ready. The application was published. 

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