Saturday, March 17, 2012

Google launches Google Play

Google has a few days ago the new platform gives Google Play. This is a platform on which users of Android systems conveniently movies, apps can purchase and download music and eBooks. Previously, it was Android users in the Android Market only possible apps, games and buy eBooks. With the new backing store Google Google now combines all previous individual offerings (Google Music, Google eBook Store) on a single platform. In the store bought products can now be directly synchronized on all Android devices. The model was, of course, Apple's iTunes , which generates, in contrast to previous Android Market about four times more revenue. However, one visit is an Android user for a very long way from just a single point of contact with all other programs and divisions have to offer. Samsung and HTC have recently invested heavily in their own Android stores and Amazon tried with attractive remuneration for Android software developers new recruit. One may be curious as to develop the individual stores in the next few years and have not finished yet of many smaller stores a very large forms, the only one could be correct, and Apple iTunes competitor. idea of Google Video Play By Play Google launches in Germany, you have to wait a bit though. So far, the store only to customers in the U.S.

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