Monday, February 28, 2011

Home decor trends

New Homes furnishings in 2011, has bright colors and hepatica 80-century pastel colors. Ecological thinking has become a decoration to stay.
Bright, well-known children clothing "romper colors" is now decorated fashion: bright blue, red or green grass appears especially retro decor.
By contrast, in fashion are also pastel list pale shades: a light mint green, pink and aqua blue.
These worlds in favor of color to choose either, both are not recommended to combine the same space.
Furniture made of recycled material and products are very fashionable - and an old rag rug or eripariset cutlery.

These are in vogue now:

  • old, already once used lankest dining table is made of top-class design
  • inherited from, eripariset dishes are just as trendy as a single design astiasto
  • old granny rag rug and rocking chair are cozy and trendy at the same time
  • plaid quilted fabric is no longer an old-fashioned, but the fashion thing

Nature and Ecology home

Vallila Interior's spring collection is the theme of the Finnish nature and the sea.
The same themes can also be seen in other collections.
Curtain can be fashionable birch forest or flock of swans, summer flowers or lip lattavia waves.
According to the current fashion is also wallpaper, which is printed in small birds. These wallpapers can be found in several selections by the manufacturer.
Secondly, the environment and ecology are shown in a concrete interior design: furniture recycling containers and inheritance are now very fashionable.

 Pastel interiors

Mellow puuteripastellit fit your home decor spring comes, and well into the summer. With crisp white suits.
Pastels can add home curtains, sofa pillows and bed clothes. Coffee Table receives pastels; say the new napkins and coffee mugs.

Courageous adds a touch of black effects, and the contrast to bring.

Fashionable pastel colors in 2011:

  • petticoat white
  • cotton candy pink
  • green mint candy
  • Light aqua blue

Bright colors at home

Summers are always happy, bright colors. A cheerful red and Finlayson said, "Haalarinsininen" bring energy to the summer home.
Graphic patterns agree with them and match. Various combination of textiles are offered a special deal.
If retrokuosit big and bright colors seem too strong, together, can add color to your home a bit smaller scale: a cheerful red flowers in a vase, red decorative pillow on the couch and out of the same color slippers.
Red is not just the color of Christmas, and it joined in the summer for example, fits nicely into a fresh white.

Bright blue and red interior:

  • retro fit home
  • is often seen in the graphic, patterns of large company
  • get the freshness of pure white
  • blue or red and white stripes are a classic maritime style theme
There are new homes for sale with awesome interior designs, for example now days apartments are build with these interior design.

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