Thursday, February 17, 2011

New homes of tomorrow

The Green home, new homes of tomorrow will be different from those that were built so far: soaring energy costs, the fight against global warming and ecology are driving this change.

The changes will be barely visible on the outside because it is above the insulation, heating and ventilation that are about to change.

Using new techniques, new innovative materials used to make new buildings that meet the requirements of the Grenelle environment regarding energy conservation.

Developers and builders working on new generations of houses. Many calculations and studies are needed to determine whether the optimal orientation of a house on land, the mode of heating, cooling or ventilation the most suitable.

Heat pumps, radiant panels, or photovoltaic, solar heating ... replace traditional fossil fuels.

The emission of CO ² must be divided by four by 2050 and the construction industry remains one of the largest consumers of energy. It represents 43% of national energy consumption and 23% of CO ².

The requirements of the legislation have been restated to reduce energy consumption and in 2012, Habitat will be 20% more efficient than today.

In 2020, the houses will produce more positive energy than they consume. But do not forget that today; the bill for a building energy efficient is 10 to 20% higher than for building a home traditional and those green homes for sale in cheaper price than now day’s prices.

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