Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine : Story of True Love

The February 14 is the Valentine. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers.
There are several versions regarding the history of St. Valentine. The one that comes up most often is: Valentine's Day is a priest who was imprisoned and beheaded some 14 February. The story goes that the children were very fond of Valentine. He was their friend. To comfort him, his children were spending messages of affection through the bars of his cell. That may be the explanation kind words are exchanged, with flowers and gifts, Feb. 14?

Greek god of love is called Eros, and Romans, the name of the god of love is Cupid. This is often represented as an angel armed with a bow and arrows.

Stories of Love ...

In stories or movies, we often speak of love. Sometimes they are very beautiful and end up "They married and had many children". At other times, they are much sadder. Among the famous love stories include: Paul and Virginia, Pierrot and Columbine, Lady and the Tramp or Romeo and Juliet, a play by William Shakespeare .

What good is love?

To answer this, here is a song


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