Monday, April 4, 2011

What is a XML Sitemap?

Easy and fast dissemination of information is giving way to effective communication. In the world of Web technology, more and more resources have been developed to ensure smooth and effective communication in the web community.

Today, websites are trying to develop new ways to become more and more search engine friendly and easy to use. An informative website and get good links in the web community. These links help web crawlers to your website. The degree more links and more search engine friendly. However, the method of setting up a Sitemap XML has become a useful tool to help web robots to index websites effectively.

What is a XML Sitemap?

An XML Sitemap is composed of a list of URL of a website that will be crawled by web search engine robots. Webmaster submit your Sitemap XML search engines. He or she includes various information about each URL to a Web site, such as changing or adding new pages, the last time a web page has changed and so on. This process helps search engine robots to index web pages easily effectively.

Benefits of XML Sitemap

Creating a Sitemap XML is very useful. The benefits of XML Sitemap is listed below:

1. Where a website has an enormous database "of resources that are poorly linked, web robots are unable to index properly. Therefore, XML Sitemap guides visitors to all web pages in a website.
2. If the site is done in Ajax or Flash and then the search engine robots are unable to access the content. Here too, the XML Sitemap is very friutful.

Some tools for creating XML Sitemap

* Sitemap Generator [Java web]

* Google Sitemap Gen [Python]

* SiteMapBuilder.NET Windows application [. NET]

* Site Map Builder [Web]

XML Sitemap Drupal * [PHP]

* Google Sitemaps Snippets ASP [ASP Server Side]

How to create XML Sitemap

* Get detailed and easy explanation of the creation of XML Sitemap. Enter the domain name of a website in the Sitemap XML tool

* Choose the options in the format

* Copy the entire contents delivered by the tool

* Download the new Sitemap XML in web server

* Go to the search engines. Here we will visit the Google search engine

* Access to Google Webmaster Tools

* Add the website webmaster tool

* Click on the section Sitemap

* You must add the sitemap of your website.

* Choose the type of Sitemap. There are four sizes of general knowledge website, mobile site map, the code search site map site map and video.

* Enter the name of the page

* Click the button below to approve

If web Sitemap addition, you can manually add new pages in the HTML file and then select the "selection" option in the section of the site. So if want your website more search engine friendly and can do more by creating XML Sitemaps.

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