Monday, April 18, 2011

Enlarge a small room

Everyone does not live in a big house, even if it is the dream of many people. But if you live in a small space - there are ways to maximize it. Without changing the structure of your home, the pieces can seem larger than they actually are. Simple ideas like using bright colors, lightweight fabrics, furniture not too bulky or adding a mirror - can visually enlarge the room. Here are some tips to help you have more space in your home.

The color palette
 To enlarge a room, use light colors. For example, whites and neutral pastel colors give the impression that the room is larger. By cons, dark colors make a foreclosure. The monochromatic colors can see the whole room, while contrasting colors disturb the eye. Apply the same principles when buying furniture.

The furniture too massive to simple patterns or neutral colors will enlarge the room. Large furniture take up much space and making travel more difficult. Small furniture allow free space and you'll feel the room is larger. Storage is important because a cluttered room staring us in the eyes - the eyes and clings to all objects that are in the room.

A mirror
One of the best accessories to create an illusion of space, is the mirror. The larger it is, the more effective it is. The double mirror reflects all that is, therefore, the larger it is, it reflects more space. The mirror also reflects light in the room there, so your room will look much more enlightened.

In summary, to enlarge a room in your house, it is important to keep things simple. The colors, furniture and mirrors can yield dramatic effects without having to make major renovations. So try these tips to enlarge a room in your house and you'll be amazed at the result.   

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