Thursday, April 21, 2011

7 Easy Ways to increase your RSS subscriptions

1. Make it simple registration and prominent RSS

Make your RSS button is clearly visible. Place it on top of a column of your blog. It's his usual place on many blogs so users are accustomed to look there. Above all, this is a place with high visibility

You can get all sorts of RSS and Web 2.0 logos for free on this site:

It does not hurt to add a small logo next sentence like: "subscribe to RSS" or "subscribe".

Finally, add a little phrase and a logo at the bottom of each post to maximize subscriptions.

2. Have a specific blog theme

Make sure that your blog focuses on a specific theme. Your theme will be more accurate the more you'll have fans who will not want to miss any of your posts.

Of course, choosing a precise niche involves having thought through the potential audience for the niche.

If you write on the migration of large mammals in Africa, you will have very dedicated fans ... the number 8. Make this work properly targeting upstream.

3. Offer a bribe

Baksheesh legal course. Attempts to bribe the player the most common are made based on free ebook, free training video or a series of informative emails.

You will say, this can only work for applications for a newsletter. Condition for how to send an ebook for inclusion in the RSS feed? Good question. There is a "sham."

If you have a WordPress blog - and I hope that is the case for the great Matt Cutts, who is Google's blog, recently confirmed that in terms of SEO, WP was the best platform for blogging, but I digress ... - so if you have WordPress, you can use the free plugin Feedvertising.

Feedvertising pubs added to your RSS feed. These ads appear only on your RSS feed, not on your blog. So put a link to download your free ebook in your RSS feed via Feedvertising. Rss subscribers only can access this bonus. You follow me? I can assure you the rest is less technical.

4. Create a landing page dedicated to your rss feed

Create a page that will only serve to generate your RSS feed subscriptions. Resubmitting the benefits of your blog and put forward the baksheesh (ebook, video or other).

Then, bring maximum traffic to this page from your blog, twitter, adwords etc ...

5. Write the "guest posts".

It may seem like a bad idea to go write a blog post from someone else. You prefer a natural reserve your inimitable talent beloved to your blog.

Yet the guest posts are one of the best ways (better?) To make his blog and boost its list of registered feeds.
NB: I hate the word "booster", also I offer a drink to one who finds me a beautiful French synonym of the verb "grow" ..

By cons, arrange with the blogger who hosts your article that appears at the bottom of the post a link to your blog and have a short sentence.
Ps: ideally, provide an item not already on your blog. Original content.

6. Be active on the board

A technique as old as the web is to be active on the board related to your theme and make yourself useful. People notice when you help others and are more inclined to go see what you offer on your blog.

7. Networking

Stop contacting other bloggers just to offer them a link exchange. It does not work anymore. Instead, try to help another blogger. You can even send an information interesting to the audience or leave a helpful comment on one of his posts.

These small raids can quickly turn into a true partnership and friendship.   

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