Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Android 3.0 The next level of mobile technolegy

In the world of high tech innovations are endless and never cease to amaze consumers.
Regularly, we got acquainted with new developments, new concepts and new tools. Today we learn that the new version of Android 3.0, also known as Android Honeycomb, will soon be unveiled to the public. Developer specializing in online game sites are actively preparing for this much anticipated event. 

Today, the "mobile" is an industry that is constantly evolving and is keenly interested developers worldwide. Google is fully aware of the opportunities in this sector. In this context, the Internet giant has implemented a unique mobile technology dubbed "Android 3.0," but also known under the name "Android Honeycomb." After you create applications for Android V2.2, developers say they are ready for the imminent arrival of this new feature. This event is far from discouraged. Quite the contrary. In this world, the innovations are in fact always welcome.

Demonstration of Android 3.0  or Honeycomb
Mid-February 2011, Android Honeycomb been a public demonstration in the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, a key event in the field of high technology. With this demonstration, the audience has seen the incredible innovations offered by version 3.0 of Android. Specifically, the device uses technology to generate 3D effects exceptional posing as a hologram. It is useful to emphasize the fact that the Android Honeycomb is compatible with the Google Maps powered by 5 but also with all the software offered by the Internet giant, even the most sophisticated of them.

Simply amazing
Honeycomb with Android, it is possible to connect to Google Talk. Players may consider in the near future, interact with a provider of online maps! This new technology will also allow players to move between two rooms of online games.

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