Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Windows feature for Precise Pangolin Ubuntu 12:04

12:04 Ubuntu Precise Pangolin is not only comfortable, but also energy efficient, but is not the Unity interface perfectly, so would Precise Pangolin to add new features. Ubuntu takes over Sun 12:04 a Windows feature that is, I will show in this article. The new Head Up Display The largest change in Ubuntu 12:04 is the "head-up display" for short (HUD). The head up display is next to the search bar not only programs and a variety of settings, but also accepts commands. In the Internet settings, they must now look to the example no longer on the network and then navigate to the option to change it but the term is equal to the HUD enter. They have proposed the Automatic network key actions. This time, the Ubuntu say 12:04 is an LTS version so that's to say that this edition of the operating system is provided for five years with updates. currently operates the HUD search only in certain areas of the system, but is this search for something better than the settings to navigate. The special feature of the HUD is it constantly learns and indicating even basic information such as date or time. These data will then continue to appear in the status bar, but here they are distributed across the screen. If they do not command such white but only for "folder" and are looking to enter the "Create Folder" to get the action shown.  The new command line will be displayed by pressing [Alt].
Over time, learns to HUD and therefore offers better and better proposals. Currently, the commands do not work system wide, but only in software administration, the terminal and the file manager. It could be that it still works on certain programs, but even I was able to identify only those areas of the wide-ranging operational commands. In other articles there are certainly other programs that are visible on the HUD.  new Jump Lists and improved search in Ubuntu 12:04 has also been revised and the classical program launcher promises a faster search and jump lists. So far, the search does not change very quickly in Ubuntu 12:04 and spits for white one letter detailed search much faster than its predecessor.  The developers have a new video filters built with pressed [WIN] + [v] keys examined and videos only displays the are on the computer. It worked before with files, programs and music. On the left side of the screen where the launcher list is no longer goes on automatically, but will appear permanently in the foreground. There can now drop any directory. With the background you can determine settings such as white big the icons appear in the launcher. For the eye is also something there, because Ubuntu brings a new wallpaper pack. The Wallpaper pack is  here for download. update and replacement of the Software has provided software in Ubuntu compared to its predecessor and design, which is the default Firefox Web browser 11 and the e-mail management takes Thunderbird 11th For the office sector is LibreOffice 3.5.1 is available and would make the existing audio player Banshee from Ubuntu 12:04 removed for audio playback is now Rhythmbox responsible. So there is some improvement in performance and appearance of Ubuntu, as would the new Linux installed kernel 3.2 supports among other things, the new processor from Intel Ivy Bridge, and this also saves power. And thanks to the power saving mode " RC6 ". The integrated graphics chip, the CPU may need to be supplied with less power than normally can be thus saving energy and thus money.  More information can be found naturally on  ubuntu.com . Ubuntu is 12:04 PrecisePangolin it here as a direct download the 32 bit Ubuntu version. And here in the 64 bit version.