Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iOS 6: Apple offers an alternative Google Maps

It looks like Apple is planning its own independence in terms of route planning and navigation continues to expand. The next iOS the future, it is probably an in-house " Apple give "Maps. It sounds like Google in a matter of course bad for now, all the iPad , iPhone and iSonstnochwas User formally encouraged the in-house service instead to use Google Maps. According to a current coverage is, according to Apple at the end of this year, the Map App Service for "better" be ready to navigate and find space in the App Store. According to a "trusted" source to work Apple has long been an improved Google Maps version and will soon be outdone by the new navigation generation again all, at least that 9to5Mac . This is a faster, a little cleaner and ensures particularly precise navigation. Thus one of the new features is the Apple Maps app to view the 3D environment to make it all seem more realistic and authentic and to revolutionize the technology in this segment.
To accomplish all this in addition to iPad, iPod, Apple has in recent years . busy company acquired the Swedish company C3 Technologies is working as the 3D feature, while Placebace and Poly9 takes care of the disk, directions and other things Placemark base was the way in 2009 appointed Apple's mapping service -. these people to work similar to Google Maps . In March of this year, Apple's iOS photo app already Google Maps on the OpenStreetMap changed, Apple has it, however, mentions only this month beginning at all. These steps in the upper region known by Apple all too well. will probably all this and plonk Sun Apple as it has before, CNET has already contacted the company at least once and there after the interview for more information I will of course report about it.

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