Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainmeter 2.3 Beta: Appearance of Windows Customize by Rainmeter

There is a new version of the desktop tools Rainmeter and indeed this is the   Beta 3.2 r1334 . Rainmeter Beta 2.3 is mainly complete starting revision in   plugins for Rainmeter , corrections and additions to the language files and to simplify and improve the installation process. The new version 2.3 offers some more effects as many updates and new integrated functions.

You can download the new version 3.2 beta just install Rainmeter. There is no need to uninstall the previous version. Keep all existing skins and settings.
Rainmeter not only displays information, such as memory usage or CPU utilization, but also the weather, calendar, e-mail input, battery life and news of any website.
Rainmeter allows you to your desktop-free after their performances with Different Skins and Tools making, and to change them arbitrarily, so they have a Windows-optics have that is fully adapted to their needs. If you have not Rainmeter knows, there are here more about this on the homepage of Rainmeter. This is in English! To download the Rainmeter Beta 2.3 , it is here to the link. Note : This link leads to a direct download of the beta version! Optionally, the Rainmeter Skin Gallery Download where you less than 200 skins, or choose more, so you might find a skin that you like from the beginning. the Rainmeter Skin Gallery you can here download.  Also here you will find a variety of Rainmeter skins. One of my favorite skins to the command center skin. One conclusion of my Rainmeter is a useful Tool and auserdem acomplex desktop tool to customize it in with this desktop at their convenience. 

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