Monday, March 7, 2011

Car of the Year

Dedicated Car of the Year 2011 by a panel of 58 journalists from 28 countries. Leaf, developed by the Japanese automaker Nissan, represents a small revolution. This car is the first 100% electric vehicle 5 seats sold on a large scale since the end of 2010 with a bonus system charging stations developed for the occasion in over 27 countries.

Nissan leaf: a compact electric sedan
Nissan, unlike the competition, offers a 5-seater electric car measuring 4.45 x 1.77 x 1.55m (H x W x H). This vehicle, more like a compact sedan, works with an AC motor 80 kW (equivalent to 107 horses). The Leaf can expect a top speed of 140 km for a total autonomy of 160 km per day provided by lithium ion batteries. The latter can also be recharged to 100% at home in 8 hours or 80% capacity in 30 minutes in the dedicated recharging stations.

A powerful electric car

Despite the shortcomings inherent in this type of vehicle (low autonomy and a cool down rather long), the Nissan Leaf displays amazing performance, however, associated with a compact design, all perfectly suited for city driving and flexibility. This electric car is silent, an important criterion that will allow you to enjoy the multimedia embedded in serenity.

A well-equipped electric car

The Nissan Leaf is really a vehicle equipped with the image example of his Nissan Connect, a kind of multimedia car radio that in addition to GPS, displays an array of useful information for all owners of electric vehicles. This device can, for example, you specify the range of the car based on the remaining life of the vehicle. You will also find a system delivering you recharge points closest. This equipment is powered by a
conventional 12-volt battery can be recharged via a solar panel optional.

Price and release date of the Nissan Leaf

Available in the U.S. and Japan at the end of 2010, this car will be marketed in France in June 2011 priced at € 28,000. Even if the economic model of this car is rather fragile, Nissan Leaf can rightly arouse high expectations for long term might be to decongest major urban centers of more polluting conventional vehicles.

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