Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google's Online Drive - 5GB free storage than Dropbox competitor

For a long time there were rumors about a Google online storage as an alternative Dropbox and Google Drive is now online. It feels like Dropbox and Google Docs in combination with good organization and search, as they are known also from Gmail. desktop synchronization as with Dropbox Dropbox How to help a program for Windows or Mac OSX in the synchronization of documents, videos and other files in the cloud. There is also an Android app and an IOS app is announced. So you can even have mobile access to the stored data in the cloud. Each user gets 5GB free storage and can expand this to 25GB. It costs 2.49 U.S. dollars a month. 100GB costs $ 4.99 a month and 1TB cost $ 49.99. If you upgrade the mail store is also expanding on that memory. The fee-based options are therefore more favorable than the Dropbox competitor.
The webapp with many functions and focus on search , as expected from Google is Google Drive as a variety of webapp, which is focused on the search. This is also one of the main differences perceived in a positive way to Dropbox. Google uses one drive through the browser, it feels a bit like Google Docs. You can search the entire Google Drive and finds files and documents felt easier and faster than Dropbox. Google Drive has a built-in character recognition (OCR) and also allowing you to search scanned PDF files. This is a really useful feature. Even photos are recognized when they occur. An Eiffel Tower in the photo should be found as such, even if there is no indication in the file name to see the photo. Within the webapp you can also open, numerous file formats. Also videos, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files are not a problem, of course, also be open all the files you can open with Google Docs. Google Docs is integrated directly and naturally allows not only the display but also the processing of corresponding files. An API also allows the use of Google Drive by other applications. So it is probably only a matter of time until developers build such functionality into your applications.


  1. Page views Passing 100,000.... :) :)

  2. I greaqtly appreciate the time and effort you've put into this. I wasn't aware of some of the projects you'd mentioned, and it certainly gives me some room for research.


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